Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gracie's Baptism

Slowly catching up. Slowly. Only 7 months behind. So overwhelmed with everything that I need to post that I should just start over right now, but how can I skip such an important day? Grace was recently making the decision if she should switch back to her old school. She told me it was the second most important decision of her life. I asked her what the first was. She said it was if she should get baptized. Ah the pride I felt. She HAD taken that decision seriously. I asked her why that was such an important decision. "Because I did not know if I was going to drown or not. I could have died." Wow. O.K. Well, at least she still did it. Risking her life. I am still so proud of this girl because she really did take her baptism seriously and continues to choose the right everyday!