Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm likin' this American Girl

So the grand opening of American Girl has finally come! People came from far and wide to mark the momentous occasion. It was really fun, but I would have been disappointed had I made any grand effort to go. We found out that they really opened two days early so luckily we went on Friday instead of Saturday. On Saturday there was a five hour wait in the snow just to get in to the store. My friend Stephanie has two adorable girls that adore American Girl as much, if not more than Grace. So it was so fun to pick them up from school and surprise them with a trip to the store. It really was a little magical to see all the little girls walking around the store hugging their dolls with big smiles on their faces. Not quite as magical for the parents who were footing the bill. One lady next to my friend dropped $1100. Seriously? By the way, Grace had pajama day at school hence her spectacular outfit. A huge thank you to my dear friend Julie for watching the boys. It was so much fun to focus all of our attention on the cute girls! Look at this grandpa. Seriously, what a trooper!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In like a lamb, out like a lamb?

So March has been a heavenly month. We have our occasional snowstorm which lasts one day, and then 60 degree weather the next day. This week we had a little of everything. Gunnar and I took a walk around the neighborhood on Wednesday. Well, I walked and Gunnar rode his bike and asked for a drink every 50 feet. That was okay with me considering I have been pretty much laying on the couch for 3 months straight. My rapid change to "exercise" was a little challenging. But the sun was so warm and the park was so fun that I couldn't even complain. Gunnar finished that wonderful day off by throwing up every hour and deciding that he wanted to be covered in hives. It is still a mystery to us. Gracie decided to celebrate the good weather by doing her homework outside. I found her lounging in a chair with a book in one hand, and a Hawaiian Punch with a straw in the other. I am glad that she has found the balance between work, play, and relaxation.
The best news of all this week is that I had my 24 week doctor appointment and everything looks great! My wonderful, incredible, compassionate doctor even scheduled my C-Section! Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this man!? So baby girl is coming July 2nd at 11:30 a.m.! Which is very coincidental since one of my greatest friends had her baby last July 2nd. She has assured me that it is a great birthday. She also told me about a lovely Hispanic lady she met in an elevator who told her to nickname the baby BOOM BOOM. You know, in honor of the fireworks? So I think we've got our name all picked out now. HaHa. Baby Boom Boom, we are very excited to meet you! And if anyone out there has any other name suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

New Beginnings

I decided to start a new blog basically because I am lazy. I love my other blog format and don't want to mess with it and cannot even begin to think of how to blend my two styles together, hence, the Tidwell family has a new blog beginning March 2010. My new goal is to write every Sunday to be able to keep a better journal for our family. So please forgive me if this blog does not interest you. I will do my best to keep it entertaining!