Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embarrassing much?

So this is pretty pathetic. My name is Wylie and I am a blog procrastinator. I am going to just try and do one post a day for the next couple of weeks and see if I can't catch up. Here are some pictures from our Utah trip last summer. I thought I was pretty brave driving 8 hours by myself with THREE children including one 5 week old baby. Luckily my children were angels and we had the best time! Any time we get to spend with family is worth the drive!

We got to see my parents, Rider, Grandma Ruth, Kris, and even my pseudo sister Steph! Grace went to a fairy party at The Homestead that benefited a chartiy my mom works with called the Children's Justice Center. Anyhoo, we had the best time!

My mom's amazing yard!

Oh my goodness it makes me so sad to see her so tiny! Does time really go that fast! And you can actually still see her eyes. This is obviously before her cheeks took over her cute little face!

We got to go to my beautiful sister niece Mel and Devin's wedding which was sooo fun and beautiful! The only downfall is that now we never to get to see them! We got spoiled having Mel here in Denver and having Uncle Dev come to visit! So if you guys read this, PLEASE come see us!

This could be the best pic of the summer. This is what happens when you get your children animal style fries at In n Out Burger and then stop at a red light without giving warning. Gunnar was a little upset. The amazing thing was that in typical Tidwell travel style, we had books on the floor that caught the brunt of this bad boy mess! HaHa! Thank you Arapahoe Library District, for saving the floor of my car!