Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gracie's Baptism

Slowly catching up. Slowly. Only 7 months behind. So overwhelmed with everything that I need to post that I should just start over right now, but how can I skip such an important day? Grace was recently making the decision if she should switch back to her old school. She told me it was the second most important decision of her life. I asked her what the first was. She said it was if she should get baptized. Ah the pride I felt. She HAD taken that decision seriously. I asked her why that was such an important decision. "Because I did not know if I was going to drown or not. I could have died." Wow. O.K. Well, at least she still did it. Risking her life. I am still so proud of this girl because she really did take her baptism seriously and continues to choose the right everyday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Great to be Eight!

Of course Grace needed her very own red velvet bundt cake to celebrate. Everyone else got cupcakes. The party went off without a hitch!

Way Back In May....

I was 8 months pregnant and Gracie turned 8! Unfortunately that is how far back I have to go to catch up with this blog! I should start with Grace's birthday party. Have you ever tried to plan a birthday party in one day, that happens to be 90 degrees, you happen to be pregnant, and you have a Sears vent cleaning man at your house all day because of the dead baby bunny in your furnace? Didn't think so. To go back even further, I will start with the baby bunny that we thought was oh so adorable that lived under our neighbors tree. Everyday we would drive up and ush and gush about how much we just LOVED it. It looked exactly like this. Cute right?

Well, one day I came home from a girl's night out to find my house in disarray. We are talking barstools turned over, furniture blocking doorways, etc. Shawn was just sitting calmly on the couch. "What happened here?" I asked. "The baby bunny is in our house." "Where?" I asked. "I have no idea", was Shawn's reply. Awesome. There is a nasty little rodent lost somewhere in my house. Notice I don't think that it is so cute anymore.
The next day my friend Kelly came over. After mentioning that there was a baby rabbit in my house somewhere, we just kept chatting. Until Kelly saw that little rascal hop across the room and under the very couch on which I was sitting. Long story short, it took us one hour to make an obstacle course to get that little guy out the door. The kids thought it was the funnest thing ever.

We all celebrated as he hopped out the door and I breathed a sigh of relief that I did not have to worry anymore. That is, until two days later when I am UPstairs cleaning. I was all alone in the house, or so I thought. When all of a sudden I turn around, and there is that nasty baby bunny staring at me as it hops up the last step. Seriously? I have to get rid of you again? I trapped him in the guest room so that Shawn could deal with him this time. Shawn's idea of dealing with him was looking under the bed and declaring that the bunny must have hopped down the stairs and found his way out the door because he was nowhere to be found. That night, at 1:30 in the morning, I found Gunnar asleep on the floor next to his bed. Being the wonderful, protective mother that I am, I slept on his bed in case an attack rabbit came in the middle of the night. Every five minutes I would open my eyes because I was soooo paranoid. Finally, after twenty minutes, here comes that nasty little creature hopping straight towards my helpless, 70 pound 5 year old. HA! Not on my watch. I chased him into the guest room again and didn't open the door for a week. Shawn did go in and look around but of course there was no bunny to be found.
Fast forward to the day of Gracie's birthday party. It was 9 am and already wicked hot. We turn on the air conditioning, and that is when the stench hits. The Sears guy came and graciously cleaned our vents for a mere $500. Where he really earned his money is when he found the dead, decomposing rabbit in our furnace. He took care of it. And I love him for it! Later on, I found this note in our basement written by Grace.

So that is our bunny story! I suppose I should do a separate post for Gracie's party!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We can't get enough of Gwyneth!

Gunnar finally started calling our baby "Gwyneth" instead of "Baby LULU." It doesn't happen everytime but at least there is progress! What a rough road this child has had with a name! She is totally a Gwyneth now! We don't see much of a change in her but I am sure that is because we see her everyday. Maybe she will look older to everyone else. I hope not because I am hanging on to everyday of her newbornhood with every ounce of strength I have! There is nothing like the smell, the squeaks, the quick breaths, and all of the other little things you slowly forget as your baby gets older. I don't want to forget this time! In other Tidwell news, Gunnar has an ear infection, and Grace told us that she would rather be a millionaire than a genius because then she could hire people to tell everyone that she was a genius. This girl is so funny with her money! Her $2 foot massages are a dream come true though! She is going to take me to the poorhouse!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

......the corn is as high as an elephant's eye! The kids have been working very hard on keeping and watering a garden this year and their efforts are definitely paying off! Get ready because this post is GREEN!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here are some pictures of our beautiful little Gwyneth Lillian! She has been so fun and wonderful! The kids cannot get enough of her. Gunnar walks around making up songs about how much he loves his baby sister. I can always count on Grace to sit and hold her hand for an hour at a time. Little Gwynne has just been an angel and is hardly ever laying by herself. I am afraid she is going to be a bit spoiled but we just can't help it. We cannot get enough of this little girl!!
She was 7 pounds 5 ounces when she was born. She left the hospital at 6 lb. 13 oz. after a little bout with jaundice. At her 2 week visit she was already back up to 7 lb. 11 oz. so she is already taking after the other kids and their crazy growth spurts! One thing that is different about Gwynne is that she has blonde hair. We will see if it stays that way! I cannot thank everyone enough for all the help that has been offered! Our ward is amazing! We have literally had dinner brought to us for 2 weeks and as many of you mothers know, that is priceless! So thank you thank you thank you!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Secret Garden

Gracie and I have been reading "The Secret Garden" together every night which I have been waiting to do with her since I found out I was pregnant with her. She has loved the outdoors and has loved helping my mom and my aunt in the yard since she was tiny. Obviously I have a black thumb so she hasn't helped me, but I am hoping to go green this summer. Anyways, Gracie used her own money at Target to buy little seeds from the dollar section. So not my daughter, I would have bought candy. I thought the seeds were sitting up in the bag in her room, or even more likely on the floor of my car since that is where everything else ends up. Little did I know that my secret gardner had planted those little seeds all on her own! You can imagine my surprise when I found these in her room. I am so proud that she takes such good care of any project she starts, and she is pretty dang proud of herself too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

So this last picture is obviously not me but I could not help but post such a great picture of a great friend and her adorable baby! Julie and Aiden are great inspiration for a perfect picture!
We had such a great Easter! We got a new trampoline and pretty much could not get the kids off of it the entire day! I think that means it is going to be a great summer for me! I made Easter dinner for the first time ever. Sad, I know. But I think it was a great first effort. Maybe not as pretty as others but it still tasted okay! We had a day of fun and friends and many thoughts towards Christ and the Resurrection as we were able to watch conference as well. Shawn's niece Melanie and her cute friend Brittany even brought their guitars and gave us a private concert. It was definitely an Easter not to be forgotten although many friends and family were missed! So we hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm likin' this American Girl

So the grand opening of American Girl has finally come! People came from far and wide to mark the momentous occasion. It was really fun, but I would have been disappointed had I made any grand effort to go. We found out that they really opened two days early so luckily we went on Friday instead of Saturday. On Saturday there was a five hour wait in the snow just to get in to the store. My friend Stephanie has two adorable girls that adore American Girl as much, if not more than Grace. So it was so fun to pick them up from school and surprise them with a trip to the store. It really was a little magical to see all the little girls walking around the store hugging their dolls with big smiles on their faces. Not quite as magical for the parents who were footing the bill. One lady next to my friend dropped $1100. Seriously? By the way, Grace had pajama day at school hence her spectacular outfit. A huge thank you to my dear friend Julie for watching the boys. It was so much fun to focus all of our attention on the cute girls! Look at this grandpa. Seriously, what a trooper!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In like a lamb, out like a lamb?

So March has been a heavenly month. We have our occasional snowstorm which lasts one day, and then 60 degree weather the next day. This week we had a little of everything. Gunnar and I took a walk around the neighborhood on Wednesday. Well, I walked and Gunnar rode his bike and asked for a drink every 50 feet. That was okay with me considering I have been pretty much laying on the couch for 3 months straight. My rapid change to "exercise" was a little challenging. But the sun was so warm and the park was so fun that I couldn't even complain. Gunnar finished that wonderful day off by throwing up every hour and deciding that he wanted to be covered in hives. It is still a mystery to us. Gracie decided to celebrate the good weather by doing her homework outside. I found her lounging in a chair with a book in one hand, and a Hawaiian Punch with a straw in the other. I am glad that she has found the balance between work, play, and relaxation.
The best news of all this week is that I had my 24 week doctor appointment and everything looks great! My wonderful, incredible, compassionate doctor even scheduled my C-Section! Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this man!? So baby girl is coming July 2nd at 11:30 a.m.! Which is very coincidental since one of my greatest friends had her baby last July 2nd. She has assured me that it is a great birthday. She also told me about a lovely Hispanic lady she met in an elevator who told her to nickname the baby BOOM BOOM. You know, in honor of the fireworks? So I think we've got our name all picked out now. HaHa. Baby Boom Boom, we are very excited to meet you! And if anyone out there has any other name suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

New Beginnings

I decided to start a new blog basically because I am lazy. I love my other blog format and don't want to mess with it and cannot even begin to think of how to blend my two styles together, hence, the Tidwell family has a new blog beginning March 2010. My new goal is to write every Sunday to be able to keep a better journal for our family. So please forgive me if this blog does not interest you. I will do my best to keep it entertaining!