Friday, April 9, 2010

The Secret Garden

Gracie and I have been reading "The Secret Garden" together every night which I have been waiting to do with her since I found out I was pregnant with her. She has loved the outdoors and has loved helping my mom and my aunt in the yard since she was tiny. Obviously I have a black thumb so she hasn't helped me, but I am hoping to go green this summer. Anyways, Gracie used her own money at Target to buy little seeds from the dollar section. So not my daughter, I would have bought candy. I thought the seeds were sitting up in the bag in her room, or even more likely on the floor of my car since that is where everything else ends up. Little did I know that my secret gardner had planted those little seeds all on her own! You can imagine my surprise when I found these in her room. I am so proud that she takes such good care of any project she starts, and she is pretty dang proud of herself too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

So this last picture is obviously not me but I could not help but post such a great picture of a great friend and her adorable baby! Julie and Aiden are great inspiration for a perfect picture!
We had such a great Easter! We got a new trampoline and pretty much could not get the kids off of it the entire day! I think that means it is going to be a great summer for me! I made Easter dinner for the first time ever. Sad, I know. But I think it was a great first effort. Maybe not as pretty as others but it still tasted okay! We had a day of fun and friends and many thoughts towards Christ and the Resurrection as we were able to watch conference as well. Shawn's niece Melanie and her cute friend Brittany even brought their guitars and gave us a private concert. It was definitely an Easter not to be forgotten although many friends and family were missed! So we hope everyone had a great day!