Sunday, July 25, 2010

We can't get enough of Gwyneth!

Gunnar finally started calling our baby "Gwyneth" instead of "Baby LULU." It doesn't happen everytime but at least there is progress! What a rough road this child has had with a name! She is totally a Gwyneth now! We don't see much of a change in her but I am sure that is because we see her everyday. Maybe she will look older to everyone else. I hope not because I am hanging on to everyday of her newbornhood with every ounce of strength I have! There is nothing like the smell, the squeaks, the quick breaths, and all of the other little things you slowly forget as your baby gets older. I don't want to forget this time! In other Tidwell news, Gunnar has an ear infection, and Grace told us that she would rather be a millionaire than a genius because then she could hire people to tell everyone that she was a genius. This girl is so funny with her money! Her $2 foot massages are a dream come true though! She is going to take me to the poorhouse!


  1. Wylie your kids aare soooooooo beautiful!!! I can't believe what a loving big sister grace seems to be! Your kids must be so much fun! I wonder who they got it from... You are so right about forgeting, I thought I would always remember everything my girls did but not a chance! That's why I try to stay updated with my blogs, it's a good thing to read them now and then.
    And about being a millionaire, well, she's kind of right... she is so funny though!
    Gwyneth is so beautiful!
    Kisses and hughs for you and your family, I wish we could live close, but thanx for the internet, facebook and the blogs!
    Love you!

  2. I have to tell you that she is seriously just GORGEOUS! Honestly, my mom was walking by while I was looking at this (I spent 3 weeks in TX) and stopped in her tracks and said, "who is that beautiful baby?" So Gwyneth is already stopping people in their tracks. :)

    Loving all the pictures and updates!

  3. Wow Wow Wow!! Loving these updates! Gwynne is so blonde! I am still making excuses about just having a baby--and it's been almost a year--but I'm betting you and Grace have it all under control!

    The pink hair bow in the newborn pic is a total winner. Now that I have three girls, we have yin and yang a little out of balance and have to cut down on the bows and the pink so we don't overwhelm anybody. :) Although I can still appreciate that great big beautiful bow on my little Gwyneth Lillian.

    Hugs and kisses xxxxoooo